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October 2, 2018

My First Solo CD is Here!

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My first solo comedy CD is finally finished and up for sale on both Itunes & CD Baby – as well as hard copies can be ordered RIGHT HERE!

Thanks to everyone who’s already bought the digital download and all you rockstars that are ordering it right now…


Completely Naked (Live) Intro (Live) 18 Years (Live) Black Bananas (Live) Keeping a Kid Alive (Live) Ihop (Live) Sponsor Child (Live) Sweater to the Beach (Live) You Wouldn't Understand (Live) Situational Feminist (Live) Romance (Live) Roadsafe (Live) Fantasizing About Other Men (Live) Spanx (Live) Close to 40 You're Pregnant (Live) It's a Love Story (Live) Rescue Dog (Live) Cats (Live) Proposal (Live) Goodnight (Live)